We believe that workforce households are essential to the economic vitality of a city/country and the success of its corporations, institutions and governmental functions.  These include teachers, nurses, social workers, construction workers, police officers and fire fighters.  We also believe that abandoned/distressed urban areas provide transformational development opportunities with unrivaled return potential.

We understand that these families face a housing crisis, with high housing costs that are out of reach for millions of families worldwide.  They cannot afford quality housing options that are in desirable neighborhoods with good schools, are close to their jobs, and have easy access to goods and services.

We preserve workforce housing by acquiring distressed or underperforming multifamily properties, whose values either will increase substantially post-purchase or are considerably below market at the time of purchase.  We then unlock the intrinsic value of these assets through a combination of targeted resident services, calculated renovations, aggressive management, and sound financing strategies. These result in improved quality of life for residents and competitive return for investors.

We also expand workforce housing through new development. We utilize a core set of guiding principles that target investments in distressed urban neighborhoods, with low volatility and high returns, resulting in strong performance throughout the economic cycle.