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EB5 Benefits for Students

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Most students are aware of F1, J1 or M1 visa for student abroad. However, few are aware that EB5 (Immigrant Investor Visa Program) might have the most benefits for international students. Here are some reasons to considered EB5 for your education pathway.

The greatest benefit of the EB5 program is providing you and your family (spouse and children under 21 years) the opportunity to gain permanent U.S. citizenship. The byproduct of being a U.S citizen has many benefits such as being able to live, work and study in America.

In regards to education, here are some big benefits:

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Pathways to Pay of College

The cost of paying for college can be expensive, especially if you are an international student. Below is a sample breakdown of the cost. As the chart indicates, per year cost can be upwards of $50,000. Times this by 4 years and it can cost about $200,000 for a BA/BS degree.

In recent years, about 70-80% of parents have decided to a better to way to pay for their children’s education is through EB5 investment. To find out more about EB5 as a pathway to education, contact us.

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