EB5 Benefits for Students

GIA Capital

Most students are aware of F1, J1 or M1 visa for student abroad. However, few are aware that EB5 (Immigrant Investor Visa Program) might have the most benefits for international students. Here are some reasons to considered EB5 for your education pathway.

The greatest benefit of the EB5 program is providing you and your family (spouse and children under 21 years) the opportunity to gain permanent U.S. citizenship. The byproduct of being a U.S citizen has many benefits such as being able to live, work and study in America.

In regards to education, here are some big benefits:

Attending high-quality public education: Your children can attend public elementary, middle and high school free of charge. Public schools in America can be equivalent to international schools in Vietnam in comparison to faculties and facilities.

Substantial lower cost for college and universities: In higher education at public colleges and universities, U.S citizens pay a much lower in-state tuition compared to international students. Aside from this, being a U.S citizen gives you more opportunities to earn both need-based and merit-based grants and scholarships.

Internships and career development: Attending schools in the states also provide you with opportunities to do internships at some of the world’s biggest and best companies such as America’s Fortune 500 companies.

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